Vectur understands the importance to the energy sector

of having direct access to quick and reliable project management services, performed to the highest standards utilising our technical experts and our innovative solutions.

Vectur assure a professional approach to project management through sound process and procedure built on years of experience within the energy sector. 

“We have the project management teams in place to provide our clients with a dedicated and concise service to deliver the goal and successes of your project.  “

Tim Gardiner

Founder & CEO of Vectur Evengy

brief summary of our services:  

Vectur recognises the resource challenges technical contract development,

compliance and sub-contractor management can have. Therefore, Vectur can provide extensive expertise in contract consultancy, contract management and contract design projects within the energy sector.  

Contract Engineering

Our contract engineering team offer issuance of ‘Request for Information’ (RFI), ‘Request for Proposal’ (RFP) & ‘Request for Award’ (RFA) documentation and management. 

Technical Authority

Our contract engineering team are well placed to provide confidential Technical evaluations based on the clients requirement, technical specifications and policy. 

Commercial Authority

Our contract engineering team are well placed to provide confidential Commercial evaluations based on the clients requirement and commercial policy. 

Document ControlOur document control team can adapt to the clients choice of management system or Vectur can implement a package to suit the client. 

Quality ManagementOur Quality management team offers comprehensive systems, based on international standards and extensive experience.  

Vector Energy Project management
Building on our successes, Vectur continues to deliver in the WIMS, Quality management, commercial and technical authority, document and contract engineering areas to all energy sectors.   Project management teams with flexibility to work imbedded / hybrid etc. Whatever the energy sector, Vectur has you covered.  
Talk to our friendly team to discuss your requirements. 

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