Vectur Energy, a pioneering firm in the energy sector with a specialisation in asset integrity management, embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionise well integrity management systems (WIMS) for the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO) in Iraq. This case study outlines the challenges ROO faced, the strategic solutions Vectur Energy provided through (WIMS), and the transformative results achieved.

Background Challenges:

  • ROO operated in one of Iraq’s most prolific oil fields, grappling with several significant challenges:
  • The absence of a comprehensive Well Integrity Management System (WIMS) exposed the operations to safety and efficiency risks.
  • The field’s maturity meant many wells were damaged and in dire need of strategic oversight and maintenance.
  • The lack of an integrated approach made it difficult to effectively prioritise and manage well maintenance issues.

Strategic Solutions Implemented by Vectur Energy:

  • Prioritisation of Well Integrity: Vectur Energy elevated Well Integrity Management as a crucial aspect of ROO’s Quality Management System, ensuring operational excellence and safety.

  • Expert Leadership: Two experienced Integrity Managers were appointed to helm the WIMS initiative, guaranteeing expert oversight and continuous improvement.

  • Rapid Deployment and User-Centric Design: The implementation process was expedited to quickly address the pressing needs. WIMS was designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring ease of access and functionality for all stakeholders involved in well management.

  • Comprehensive Functionalities: WIMS was equipped with advanced features enabling real-time monitoring of wellhead maintenance, proactive issue detection, and the establishment of preventative maintenance schedules.

  • Dedicated Management Team: A specialised team was dedicated to the ongoing management of WIMS, focusing on system integrity, user support, and alignment with ROO’s strategic goals.

Achievements and Impact:

Safety & Efficiency:

The adoption of WIMS significantly enhanced the operational safety and efficiency of ROO, offering timely insights into well conditions and facilitating effective maintenance planning.

Business Segmentation:

WIMS helped in segmenting wellhead maintenance as a distinct operational facet, allowing for focused planning and resource allocation.


By prioritising maintenance activities through WIMS, Vectur Energy enabled ROO to optimise the allocation of resources, including personnel and budgets, leading to more strategic and cost-effective operations.


Vectur Energy’s strategic implementation of the Well Integrity Management System at ROO stands as a benchmark of innovation in asset integrity management within the energy sector. By leveraging expert knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to operational excellence, Vectur Energy has not only transformed ROO’s operational capabilities but has also set a new standard for well integrity management. This case study exemplifies how targeted interventions, grounded in technology and expertise, can yield significant improvements in operational efficiency and safety.

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